Mac OS Tips #2 [apps, shortcuts, commands]

This is about my experience in Mac OS usage and customization.

Previous post related to Mac OS you can read here, and it was mainly about weird and odd default behavior of Mac OS which is expected after migration from Windows.

In this article, I will list items, which I performed to tweak Mac OS, to customize it in somehow, better intuitive manner for me.



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what is Mac world in fact? #1

So, finally I have MacBook Pro. But how it is – to work with this device? I mean how Windows user can survive and not kill this “aluminium miracle” because of many changes in keyboard layout and many other things. I will provide items I managed to change or get used to it. 🙂99px_ru_photo_86072_krasnij_mak_i_butoni_na_chernom_fone Continue reading “what is Mac world in fact? #1”