New Incomes for My Head

It was a time, when I didn’t know a lot of stuff from Software Development. But almost 5 years ago, I started work as PHP developer on @Softjourn company. And day by day I had a chance to improve myself in IT sphere. This year I’ve started work as JAVA-developer, and it was big chalangeble  java-related-year for me.

Considering new incomes for my JAVA oriented head, not exception is recent event itBooze Meetup #3 organized by local (Ivano-Frankivsk) group @IT_Booze and personally by @grishaster  and @halyph who are from @SoftServe IT company.

This meetup was dedicated to “code quality tools” …


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Disable SVN In NetBeans

I have several projects, and some of them are versioned by SVN on different repositories.
And I added new project, which I don’t want to be versioned.
So to disable this I have edited file ~/.netbeans/VERSION/config/Preferences/org/netbeans/modules/

where u can add the project folder to a list of unversioned folders:

add a line:

More information can see here, in original post

Yes, you can uninstall Subversion, but this is not my variant.