Mac OS Tips #3 [window, defaults, wifi, mc]

This is new set of Apple, Mac OS X notes and tips, I have discovered so far.

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Odd Knockout click event data binding

Looks like, Knockout data-binding for click event suppress default behavior of html elements like A, BUTTON, INPUT.
I spotted on this behavior at work in scope of my project, and I’ve done some research to verify it.
Based on my own experience, created github issue and discussion with @mbest, I share some my motes here.



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Як “для себе писав” впливає на якість роботи інших

або “Наскільки важливо якісне написання документації в роботі програміста?”
або “Чи важливо мати навички якісного написання тексту будучи програмістом?”
або “Чи не заважає програмістові бути також і блогером?”

Отож, йшов я по дорозі з роботи додому і вже тоді задумав новий пост. І ось я пишу, про важливість навичок письменника чи блогера в роботі програміста. На перший погляд не поєднувані речі, але в моєму випадку, це ключ до успіху, ключ до якісного розуміння задачі.


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Can Backbone.JS use Lodash.JS instead of Underscore.JS ?

The fact is – Lodash.JS is nice competitor for Underscore.JS. There are so many thoughts in a community regarding how different and how good they are. This post is about Backbone.JS and required dependency of Underscore and my willingness to BE SURE, that replacement/migration is OK. So I asked myself:

How good Lodash is against Underscore in scope of Backbone.JS stable/correct work?

1 2

And as turned out, I found more than answers, I found “future”. 🙂

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Mac OS Tips #2 [apps, shortcuts, commands]

This is about my experience in Mac OS usage and customization.

Previous post related to Mac OS you can read here, and it was mainly about weird and odd default behavior of Mac OS which is expected after migration from Windows.

In this article, I will list items, which I performed to tweak Mac OS, to customize it in somehow, better intuitive manner for me.



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