Git Notes #5 [edge cases]

Since I use GIT, during my daily work, I always face with some edge cases. This post is about to list such cases in one place. I collected set of situations, verified on practice.



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Git Notes #4 [commands list]

Since that time, when my eyes saw Git, I wrote lot of code. I studied Git on practice, on live examples. I wrote 3 articles here on my blog. I shared knowledge with my team mates. So goals of this particular article are:

  1. collect all my experience.
  2. classify commands for myself and other readers by similarity in use and frequency of usage.
  3. minimized explanation, due to the fact, that on web site or simply Googling, you can find more details.
  4. this will be placeholder for future updates (I will add some new item from my work life).


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