what is Mac world in fact? #1

So, finally I have MacBook Pro. But how it is – to work with this device? I mean how Windows user can survive and not kill this “aluminium miracle” because of many changes in keyboard layout and many other things. I will provide items I managed to change or get used to it. 🙂99px_ru_photo_86072_krasnij_mak_i_butoni_na_chernom_fone Continue reading “what is Mac world in fact? #1”


Back Win7 2 Life [fail]

So it was Sunday 🙂 Late night, I received kinda message “SOS, HELP -Windows is not working”. I thought – “What can be easier than reinstall Windows?”, – just a few minutes, max 1h. But I was 100% wrong. I spent ~ 5 days. But it was nice week, with huge amount of knowledge, and I will tell ya here, what kind of knowledge it was. 😉

Man Dead For 40 Minutes Brought Back To Life With New CPR Technique

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