Mac OS Tips #3 [window, defaults, wifi, mc]

This is new set of Apple, Mac OS X notes and tips, I have discovered so far.

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Mac OS Tips #2 [apps, shortcuts, commands]

This is about my experience in Mac OS usage and customization.

Previous post related to Mac OS you can read here, and it was mainly about weird and odd default behavior of Mac OS which is expected after migration from Windows.

In this article, I will list items, which I performed to tweak Mac OS, to customize it in somehow, better intuitive manner for me.



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Bada 2.0 Upgrade Overview [ Wave II ]

First of all, why I bought Wave II.
Time ago, when Android’s just started their life, there was not well known Bada devices. I decided to get this, because I didn’t want to be like all and try something new. And it was right decision, Wave II under Bada 1.0 was not so bad for me. There were some issues, but I did not mention them or did not stress point on them.

Now, when I upgraded to Bada 2.0 I realized there are more bugs than previously, and now I decided to share them with you. I believe that maybe future Bada release or Tizen may help me to get rid below issues, but still I want to share my thoughts about Software Development and Design.

So, let’ go.

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