Back-Mario short review #1

UPD: Below notes are valid for Backbone with versions and Marionette*. Aug-23-2016 Marionette release 3.0.0 major version with many changes, including API and function name changes.

I decided to list a few tricky items here, which are not visible at a first glance when u start working with Backbone.JS and Marionette.JS to build your SPA.


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X-ation on JavaScript

During my work on a new brand project based on Backbone.JS in scope of my current employee company, I faced with comprehensive task – get the best Internationalization solution to meet project goals. At first glance, it seems to be simple task – like resource bundle (file where I may store strings which are repetitively used or should bee able to re-configure with no coding). But it turns out as more complex task.

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