I’m programmer. Do I have Asperger’s Syndrome?

I have polish-language book about IT people (“Informatycy“, by Katarzyna Łubieńska and Jacek Woźniak), and there is mentioned Asperger’s Syndrome. In fact it’s being analyzed if IT person, programmer, geek, nerd is a person with this Asperger syndrome or if all autistic people are most likely capable and like to deal only with technologies? I’m software engineer, programmer, web developer, and I like problem solving – this is one of such interesting situation, when I have something on my mind as knowledge and want to research more (as I’m writing this article, I’m doing research also).

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What is QC/QA in fact in real life

Intro: Breaking this blog’s rule, I will post this article in UA language, due to specific information, which might be very useful for Ukraininan speakers only.
This article is mixed – I have used my standard aproach of blogging from landike.wordpress.com but in scope of my work as Software Engineer.
Отож, розкажу я вам одну цікаву історію.


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