Routing with EJBs in OpenESB

“It is possible to route msgs using a number of mechanisms in OpenESB. These include: BPEL Service Engine JavaEE Service Engine (EJBs) Camel Service Engine: See Loius example POJO Service Engine Integration Flow Language (coming in the OpenESB v3 release)”
Routing with EJBs in OpenESB – Jason Baragry’s Blog (переглянути на Google Sidewiki)


Android development with Netbeans

“When Google released the Android open mobile platform, they have made an Eclipse plugin to be able to develop Android software using the Eclipse IDE. If you’re a Netbeans user, don’t worry because you can use Netbeans for creating Android applications also. Several guys created a Netbeans plugin that makes it possible to do Android software development under Netbeans.”

Disable SVN In NetBeans

I have several projects, and some of them are versioned by SVN on different repositories.
And I added new project, which I don’t want to be versioned.
So to disable this I have edited file ~/.netbeans/VERSION/config/Preferences/org/netbeans/modules/

where u can add the project folder to a list of unversioned folders:

add a line:

More information can see here, in original post

Yes, you can uninstall Subversion, but this is not my variant.