Why GraphQL Does Win? [case study with GitHub API]

This all started from personal wish to try GraphQL, to see how it works, to code something, and then make a decision, based on own experience. I also tend to grasp new technologies, as fast as I can, and that is why this project dedicated to new things, at least some first touch.


GitHub API, REST vs. GraphQL, XmlHttpRequest vs. Fetch API, HTML5 template, ES6 String Literals, ES2017 import/export, ES2017 async/await, URLSearchParams API, Chrome Canary, NodeJS, npm vs. bower, Bootstrap v4.0.0-beta, v4-dev,  Pace progress bar, OAuth vs. Auth0, deployment to Heroku.

I was working on set of work-related tasks and personal sandbox projects, and I came up with task idea:

Get list of GitHub repositories based on my custom data about owner and name.

Later on, my idea reminded me existed web site created by Michael RambeauBestOf.Js.Org (great resource, check it out).

But here, I will share my experience about working directly with GitHub API, with their version 3 (REST-based) and version 4 (GraphQL-based).

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How I fixed my broken github notifications

UPD: 😦 It’s not fixed/resolved. I created a new comment to one of issues, received email, then accidentally clicked “Mute” and went to the page.A bit later, checked Notifications page – again the same. But then re-subscribed/watched. Did not help right away.A bit later, refreshed the page – Notifications alive. No idea what is happening.


It’s been a while, since I started seeing warning about errors on Notifications page on GitHub. I was more than sure, it’s due to my huge list of watched repositories. As fallback page on GitHub says, I tweeted to support, but none answered.

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What is QC/QA in fact in real life

Intro: Breaking this blog’s rule, I will post this article in UA language, due to specific information, which might be very useful for Ukraininan speakers only.
This article is mixed – I have used my standard aproach of blogging from landike.wordpress.com but in scope of my work as Software Engineer.
Отож, розкажу я вам одну цікаву історію.


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Disable SVN In NetBeans

I have several projects, and some of them are versioned by SVN on different repositories.
And I added new project, which I don’t want to be versioned.
So to disable this I have edited file ~/.netbeans/VERSION/config/Preferences/org/netbeans/modules/versioning.properties

where u can add the project folder to a list of unversioned folders:

add a line:

More information can see here, in original post

Yes, you can uninstall Subversion, but this is not my variant.