Lviv IT Arena 2016 – Key Notes

This is kinda feedback, outcome-like items, review of event I’ve chance to participate – Lviv IT Arena 2016.


First of all

  • Am I satisfied with event? Yes. I achieved all goals/tasks I’ve put for myself.
  • Will I go (or recommend to go) next year? Definitely yes. But next time, I will read more about presenters and who they are, which level of “bla-bla-bla” they have, what domain they work in/for, etc.


  • Event organization is huge, I would never ever do such thing. Appreciated and thankful to all, who worked on that all to get done.
  • It’s interesting how people decide where to go: either because of presenter or because of topic in fact, either they decide first or someone influenced. But sometimes both ways are wrong, because of wrong/good marketing thoughts in regards of “names”.
  • Social Networking is a talent, and unfortunately I don’t have it.
  • iPhone battery is not enough for one day of conference. Making photos, wi-fi, twitter, facebook, sharing. Even if I temporary switch into airplane mode it doesn’t help. WTF? And it’s the age, when people are implementing spaceships to Mars. And don’t tell me about powerbank.

Technical thoughts

  • “Null is the main issue” – kinda quote, but indeed it is so – we always have some initial state in Java and JavaScript handles NULL value, but it a BIG problem always.
  • Looks like VR/AR is nearest future for any software engineer. I think in nearest 5 years my primary technology JavaScript will die, and I will need of new job, so I better think right now. 🙂
  • Data science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence – this is well known areas, but never tried closer.
  • Python is mostly used for Data Science. Maybe I better look into that direction.
  • I was (am) not so into Cloud based solutions, like Cloud Delivery Models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. But now, I at least know, that all this stuff is going to evolve as Business Intelligence, and I better also look into that direction.
  • Containers matters. I’ve heard many things about Docker. But when I installed Docker on MacOS, and it took 200% of CPU, I thought something got wrong with Docker, and uninstalled it 🙂
  • MicroServices good when u want to try new technologies, and for sure you need independence. But sometimes micro-services are so independent, that you can’t do any changes in it AT ALL, because it will cause chain-changes in dependent micro0-services.
  • Continuous Delivery: Rapid development, Monitoring, Rapid deploy.
  • Looks like ORMs are in fact hiding RDBMS and simply store objects, so after this database is not relational anymore.
  • REST is like architecture firewall. Having microservices we could easily maintain and then recycle codebase.
  • Despite the fact, that well known statements such as “Quality matters”, “UX matters”, “Engineering practices matter” still exist, and many reporters present it on their presentation, it’s still not real. Because when managers come to you after discussion with budget owner and delivery manager, you realize that all above good statements are being screwed by f*cking agile and being slave u can’t do anything. Unless… u r product company, maybe… New for me.

New for me

  • Looks like (maybe insight) Spotify thinks about React. Maybe it’s somehow related, that Spotify recently acquired Soundcloud.
  • Drupal 8 has Backbone.JS in a box, including Underscore.JS.
  • The Twelve Factors“.
  • Laws Of Distributed Computing“.
  • The Reactive Manifesto (MicroServices Manifesto).
  • Every data has a model, and understanding them via exerting system we can build prediction mechanism (read AI).
  • IoT boards can use HTTP, which is monster comparing to AMQP.
  • Python: Xgboost, ?skerleton?, $tensorflow. TODO more
  • H20 platform – AI and Machine Learning.
  • Cognitive Computing is about Image recognition and analyzing huge amount of image and video data.
  • Watson AI computer (2011).
  • Neural Networks: CNN aka Convolutional Neural Networks (Google Net, AlexNet, VGG, SqueezeNet, ResNet), TDNN – Time Delay Neural Networks. (Libraries: Matlab as a tool, Torch, Caffe and other).
  • I’m thinking about Genetics programming since 2014, but only right now in 2016, I figured out, that using Julia language we can develop/program artificial life0like organism behavior. Jevo – Digital Organisms Simulator.
  • DISC.


In fact, not 100% quote, because I did not audio-recorded, I caught the main sense, so …

“#faith #driven #development”

“Secret for good innovation, u take existing things and combine them in a weird way.”

“Engineering practices matter, not agile… System evolve to be not stable, everytime we add new change.”

“It doesn’t matter who owns data, matters if you can process data.”

“In @Twitter the most crucial is User Experience”.

“If you do UX before design it will be boring, if you do design before UX it will be a disaster.”

“When we create new code we don’t think about throwing it away in future”

“If there is way to hell, it’s by writing redundant code.”



  • Snowflake Service?
  • Chef?
  • CoreOS and containering.
  • Microsercises => NanoServices (serverless) ?
  • RMI
  • RabitMQ vs Http
  • JSON Schema
  • Swagger/RAML


To Read


General Outcomes

  • Potential area for my employment may be mentioned above technology-oriented companies. So I better start studying at least Python. I like ATGC-like genetic programming already, but I can’t do this widely right now. So maybe back to Matlab, my University study tool and research Neural Network would be good re-start.
  • I’m more confident now in the statement, that quality does matter, and ode must be ideal. And those, who tells me that quantity matters, I will say “G0, & f*k ur->self …”

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