• “Quality”, it’s when team has people, who are paid to be responsible for saying word “quality”.
  • “Quality”, it’s when for your proactive behavior, for your suggestions, you’ve been told “we don’t have time for this”.
  • “Quality”, it’s when you follow (or declare to follow TDD) but you don’t implement tests, because CI server is breaking for some reason (so it’s better not see failed builds but without tests).
  • “Quality”, it’s when you have 1 complicated feature, with 10 bugs, and instead of fixing those bugs, to have stable code, you would rather implement more 5 features, and close your eyes on those bugs.
  • “Quality”,it’s when business accept and agree to have hack-y code, in sake of workable and somehow stable feature.
  • “Quality”, it’s when you create bugs in Jira, and they “hang out” in Backlog for long time, until new feature replace old one, and bugs are auto-fixed.
  • “Quality”, it’s when you have bunch of bugs, but to have nice report for big bosses, you convert bugs into tasks/stories, and no bugs 🙂 magic, right?
  • “Quality”, it’s when you see, that you have not optimized performance or redundancy and want to improve, you’ve been told, it doesn’t matter for business right now.

When I say in my work merits “I’m quality-oriented person”, I am against all above pseudo-“quality” items. I’m perfectionist, I do care about quality, but nowadays business tells me about pseudo-“quality” to follow and accept. I can’t. Why I feel wrong?

Please tell me your thoughts, how I should convince myself to go into darkness of pseudo-“Quality” instead of bright Quality.

UPD: Interesting discussion appeared after this post published on my Facebook profile. Maybe I will extend this post later with more details/thoughts.


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