what is Mac world in fact? #1

So, finally I have MacBook Pro. But how it is – to work with this device? I mean how Windows user can survive and not kill this “aluminium miracle” because of many changes in keyboard layout and many other things. I will provide items I managed to change or get used to it. 🙂99px_ru_photo_86072_krasnij_mak_i_butoni_na_chernom_fone


  1. U know – Design. I’m not as big nerd in mac world as other, but still, design is really unique to me.
  2. iTunes music classification is the only one and first what I knew in my past 2005 regarding Mac devices. I started to use iTunes on Windows, and it was awesome classification approach, it was such a relief after simple folders on my PC.
    1. I can have one iTunes store on local machine, a few playlists to my devices. Although performance and sync configuration of iTunes is still lacking I think.
  3. Overall performance, speed, battery life and reaction.
  4. Retina, and this is so highly great look’n’feel.
  5. Configuration windows are small but enough for all settings, with no scrolling.
  6. Chrome and Safari on Mac does smart Tab Content opening. When you by Ctrl+Click open many youtube videos, the only one starts where screen is focused. Other will wait.
  7. MacOS has hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool (Option+Click on Wi-Fi icon).
  8. MacOS has many other hidden abilities like “adding quit menu item for you”, “Simple hold of Shift will change existed menu items”, etc.
  9. Trackpad is really magic. Not ideal, but I would say 95% perfect.


  1. Where is my fav buttons Home, End, PgUp, PgDwn? Instead I should use complicated: ⌘+⬅︎, ⌘+⬅︎, ⌘+/\, ⌘+\/
    1. In Terminal ⌘+|⬅︎ doesn’t work. The only one case – alt/option+➡︎|⬅︎, but in fact it’s jumping by words… It’s crazy.
  2. Its so complicated to start using ⌘+C, ⌘+V. I may change, but I know I may have more issues with mac software.
  3. “delete” btn is in fact “Backspace” (left delete), and “Fn delete” is forward delete.
  4. Finder: “Enter” do the rename of file. To open file (directory) “⌘+⬇︎” aka PgDwn and to go out from folder ⌘+⬆︎ (aka PgUp). For God or whatever sake, WHY ENTER??? Since Computers, ENTER was the button to confirm something to finish, isn’t Apple? On Windows I get used to F2 or Shift+F6. But this “Enter” had killed my mind.
    Quote from Internet:if you press command-down arrow, you'll open any highlighted file or folder just like cmd-o. further, pressing cmd-up arrow will open the parent folder of the highlighted file/folder.
    Quote from Internet: I just dont get what is wrong with making ENTER key perform this. How often do you rename a folder vs open one up. Just one of the many things I find that are so unintuitive with OSX.


  1. Change language by Cmd+Space? Setup language switcher here is “Select previous/next source in Input menu” by ⌘+Space. Software: KeyRemap4MacBook.
    1. Ukrainian “и” and “і” are interchanged in standard layout. Maybe it’s because we all the time do mistakes when change ” and @. AppleTalks. So I found programm Ukelele.
  2. How to open context menu -> Ctrl+Click (right mouse btw or F10 as on Windows – forget) … U may trigger click described here.
  3. When I have dialog window and 3 buttons “Cancel”, “Yes”, “No” I get used to navigate between them with left/right buttons. But here, on MacOS it’s disabled.
  4. No “INSERT” button? Are u fucking kidding me? How should I INSERT (ctrl and shift and selection in case of need.)?
  5. F1-F11 by default SHOULD be pressed together with Fn button. Crazy. But at least there is ability to disable it to old school style.


  1. Transfer my Music from iPhone to MacBook isn’t easy task. This is not the case of intuition, maybe.
    This feature works only for audio, video, and apps that you purchased from the iTunes Store. Any items that you imported from audio CDs or acquired from other sources won't copy from your device to the iTunes library.
  2. Drag-n-Drop of TEXTAREA field in WordPress is limited.No Tab Pin functionality. ODD. SafariPinboard soft. Maybe it’s good, because it triggers to open LESS amount of tabs and don’t put it back for later time to review.
  3. Built-in sound system via iTunes stops for a msec, when updates are downloading. I expect to not have this after Huge sound drops from iTunes when I surf FireFox. I thought it’s only Windows issue. But looks like it’s iTunes/Apple/Mac sound system issue regarding parallel processes.
  4. Why Safari StatusBar is hidden by default? AL MY time, this feature is very useful, because I can analyse URL BEFORE clicking on it. Isn’t so handy, for not include in default Safari behaviour? Changed to Windows style.
  5. Hash aka Pound aka # and @ aka ARE NOT on EN keyboard WHERE WE GET USED TO using US layout.
  6. WHAT CAN BE SIMPLIEST ?YEAH – COPY’n’PASTE. No, There is CUT – the SIMPLIEST command ever – take file/text and move yo another location. And U know? THERE IS NO CUT in MacOS Finder program 🙂
    From Internet: That's because most Mac people drag and drop their files as opposed to using Cut & Paste. Cut, copy, and paste are generally used for just text.

    What a fuck u guys telling me? I want cut my file and paste somewhere else. Like it’s on Windows = Ctrl+X+V? Why not? And Mac World Says:

    Command+C to copy the data info, Command+Option+V to move.

    It’s just no comments … no fucking comments. But calm down, have a look what I found and think it really does make sense:

    OS X's Copy>Move ( cmd + C, cmd + alt + V) actually works a bit differently from Windows' Cut>Paste.
    On Windows, the file that you cut will simply be copied to the clipboard, and ctrl + V will simply paste it and delete the original file. The file remains in the clipboard, so you can paste copies of it again as many times as you want.
    However, cmd + alt + V on OS X will just keep moving the file. It will not create copies after the first move. You can, though, create copies if you switch to cmd + V after the first cmd + alt + V.
    I find the OS X version more intuitive and consistent, since I sometimes move files from one location in Windows, and then change my mind. Normally, I'd have to re-cut the file, or just paste it and then come back and delete the file, whereas with OS X, I just press cmd + alt + V again.

    Found soft XFinder and PathFinder.

  7. Why ESC doesn’t do escaping ? I get used to decline/reject any activity/window when pressing ESC btn. But here, on MacOS – nothing, just The Biggest Company Apple decided to compose complicated key sequences like Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Command+Fn+3 to do something super-sexy, but simple old-school btw Esc just ignored.
  8. Just if u want to 100% close programm, U have to kill it
    $ kill Finder

    or with magic hidden variant:  + Shift + Force Quit (your currently viewing program) Screenshot 2014-10-09 22.58.54 or Press COMMAND-OPTION-ESC to open the task manager. Select the Finder then click on the Relaunch button. or more elegant and HARDCORE way how to create “Quit” menu item:

    defaults write com.apple.finder QuitMenuItem -bool YES

    It’s partially odd, because on Windows we also have some programs which can be only dropped via killing the process.

  9. Trackpad by its whole surface is clicking aka left mouse button. It’s odd or tech issue. Why not to leave that old way when left and right button is separated from main surface of trackpad. Odd.
  10. Safari Develop console by default remember all history even after Cmd+R (Refresh). WTF? Why I can get rid of this not useful remembering?
  11. When I on UA language, I can’t save document – I should switch to US language, and only after that I could save doc. ODD. On windows I can use whatever language, but Saving key shortcut works all the time. Tested in Sublime and iPages.

Overall outcome

So this is my first review of Macbook Pro and the way I started to work with the device. I’m fine with this all. But for God sake, why Apple company did this in such a hard way ??? Why they haven’t used User Experience from significant amount of PC/Win/Linux users? Maybe I’m expecting to much, maybe…


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