Git Notes #2 [credentials, remote, lf-crlf]

This is new set of git notes. First is here.



When you have issues like this:
You might have added a few values for one config setting. git config --list will show it for you. Next you may hit git config -e (and edit mode will be opened) or unset:

git config --get-all #local repo git config file.
git config --global --get-all #user config file.
git config --system --get-all #system git config file.

FYI: Helper Resource.

Password helper for Windows

I used to use “git config credential.helper store”, but time ago I faced with issue in cloned repo via SSH access. And I was working on Windows. So there is “git-credential-winstore.exe”

Unzip the file and run the git-credential-winstore.exe program inside. This will start up the helper and update your git config to use it.
Tip: The credential helper only works when you clone an HTTPS repository URL. If you use the SSH repository URL instead, SSH keys are used for authentication.

FYI: Resource 1, Resource 2.

Access to remote repo.

There was another need to fetch data via https, but with no credentials via plain text.
Some repositories on github, when I pushed, respond me like this:

fatal: could not read Username for '': No such file or directory

So I googled, and here is solution:

git remote set-url origin

Or if you like 2-steps 🙂

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin ''

But this did not help much.
The only one way to use password as plain text:

After that all repositories I have on Windows, use file %USERPROFILE%\.git-credentials with plaintext hardcoded user and pass.


When I reinstalled my Git on Windows with no LF/CRLF change, my existed git repositories were with code change like 100%, but the same file content. Basically, it was change on binary level.

So when you start project, make sure:

  1. You are installing with setting “AS IS” on 3rd or 4th window/step.
  2. Double check by executing “git config --list“, you should have
core.autocrlf = false 

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