iPhone 5S Review [iOS 7.0.3 (11B511)]

So, let’s go and review what new iPhone has and does not have good under the hood 🙂

Hello iPhone World
Go Go Go

I will divide this review into a few parts:

  1. “Features”[Pros] and
  2. “Bugs”[Cons] and
  3. “Odd Behaviour Items” [Depends].


image_3 Security (built-in).
First of all, when I connected via USB, that was funny to realize this question: “Rely on this Computer”? Funny because, I’m running on Windows XP (2008 service pack) with 2GB RAM, and even I don’t rely on him :)So from Apple Mason’s point of view it’s normal to ask them such questions.
image_15 Music (built-in).
Comparing with iPod I have, default album has only icon of empty album. Now as You see we can see Album name and Album Artist.
image_6 Siri (buil-in).
I was talking to Siri 🙂 She answered me 🙂 It’s cool feature. First time I started to think about Voice control was ~1999 year.There was a time I read “Радіоаматор” magazine, and there was an article about such future voice controling system. 2000 year began with lots of similar articles. But now, these days I mean, the first time I’ve heard about Siri – it was “The Big Bang” series episode, where Raj had a date w/ Siri.
BTW, almost the same feature exists in Wave II (on Bada 1.0) – Voice Cmd. The same work with Internet. But there are no output language packages by default. Need to download and install.
image_1 iOS7 – Fields API.
This is very nice from UEX point of view – to have hints for customers – like data formats. Dozen of times people tried to type phone number (or Date as we have on screen-shot), but on the backend was an validation scheme. And now, when customer can see The Pattern of data to fill in, it’s easier for them.
 2013-12-29 14.37.25 2013-12-29 14.40.34
2013-12-29 14.54.57 Keyboard (built-in).
Finally I have UA char: “Ї”. I couldn’t find it on Wave II. Usual way how to cal it as on iPod were not working on Wave II.


image_5 Reminders app (built-in).
The first bug I’ve seen, it’s about Remindres. By default I switched iPhone with UA lang (“Сьогодні” instead of expected “Today”). Then after some time, I switched to EN lang.Then after some time I decided to run “Reminders”, and was surprised with this mix UA and EN languages.
To fix this issue need to change language and restart iPhone. Only after this trick, issue is fixed.
image_7 VK (vkontakte app).
Text Overlaping. Looks like part of license text is floated and not fixed to the end of page. I’m not sure it’s iOS issue rather VK develoeprs. Need to contact them and report this issue.PS. Issue reproduced many times, even if you scroll down.image_9
image_14 Music App (built-in).
Here is (left) Music set is “Jorn van Deynhoven” and in “Lyrics” section I put tracklist. During the track is playing, I press “>>” btn, and next set is switched “Gabriel and Dresden” (Next image) and then left rewinded.
Now on screen is the track list of next set. I know for sure. tested.
image_13 BUT tracklist is freezed, and SHOULD be changed. Whenever I click left or right rewind, Tracklist is the same for all sets (tracks) 🙂
I think it might be bug related that on a background I used artwork uploaded by me, and set is huge ~100MB. So this issue reproduced, but I’m not sure about root cause. Need more testing.
image_13 Instagram App.
1) Left Navigation arrow is very close to Network level icon. Here is how it looks on previosu menu:reg_arrow
2) The password field DOES NOT hide Password 🙂 It shows untill tap on other place of page (u see exactly result of such tap on left screen). PASSWORD on iOS by default should be hiding char by char during typing/taping.
f2 Flickr App.
When u start w/ app, there is “Get Started” helpers with information tooltips. One of them is overlaping page, doesn’t fit in scope of page.
2013-12-29 14.44.46 Email (built-in).
This awesome bug (I mean text overlaping on top header menu) reproduced one time, when I copied text from WordPress app crash report, and pasted into Email message body.When I paste just text from other place 2nd time, bug was not reproduced.
 2013-12-30 01.33.55 2013-12-30 01.33.57
Settings (built-in)CAN U SEE THE BUG on above screens ? 🙂 I can, it’s 100% 1px bug:
U see, that by default grid of networks has left column with no horizontal lines, but when found network chosen, and disappear from below list, UI of grid has 1px of useless WHITE area over grid, over horizontal line.Reproduced 1 time only. 🙂
I would like to send special thanks here to Natalia Lytvyn. She is awesome Graphic Designer, and time ago, I was inspired by her posts on Facebook and Twitter about 1px-perfectionism.

“Odd Behaviour Items” [Depends].

List of items in iOS7, which I’m not ready to put in “Bug” level, but I neither can tell that it’s feature.

image_4 U see, I used to Samsung Wave II, and there was “Back” button, and previously type number was cleared. Here, I tap a number, call it, Dismiss result page, and when I come back – THAT NUMBER (*119#) is STILL on keypad, and I need to clear it manually. And any new numbers (*111#) will go immediately after previous number, which is very NOT convinient for me.This behaviour only with numbers like *XXX#. With regular phone numbers – everything is fine.
image_10 Music (built-in).
As you may see, there is no Alphabetic list on right side of screen. And it’s odd for me, because even in iOS4 it was (tested with iPod Touch)
photo 1 Email app (buil-in).
I used to see “attachment icon” near the message body, but there is no such one on iOS7. Intuitively I tested that I may copy to clipboard and paste into message body. It works.I discovered additional menu icon, but it’s very hard to tap on “attachment dropdown list item” in Email, when you want to attach some Photo.Here is the post about how to insert Photo into email. And here is more detailed another post, with better visualization.
photo 2 photo 3
 f1 Flickr App.
Username doesn’t have proper keyboard. As result, it’s not very convinient to type long email from such simple keyboard.I mean, that all got used to standard keyboard w/ @ and dot(.) + “dot.com”.
2013-12-29 05.15.36 Keyboard (built-in).
I’ve already mentioned, that I setup was made with UA language as initial setup lang. So this issue, I think is kinda not clearly defined process of initial setup of shortcuts.By Default, as i understand – only one shortcut is being installed and in default language:
2013-12-29 14.10.05 Flickr (app).
Odd, when I tap on free white space betweeт profile icon and number of photos and icons of section – TO PROPOSE for me to “Take a photo”. It’s behaviour whiсh is NOT considering UX. All actions in software should be visually understood and expected, and only after user conciseness but not randomize/accident interaction.

Besides above odd “features-or-not”, here is list of others:

  • I can’t assign my music track from Music app to particular Contact. Since ages, I used to this feature, and Apple dosn’t have it.
  • To get Photos on my Windows XP machine I need iCloud, but it’s installing only on Win & at leats. So I use now Dropbox for sa few purposes.
  • FLAC and AAC files are not readable by iTunes. They have separate players.
  • When iOS upgrade is ready, iTunes can’t  connect to iPhone with existed OS on WinXP requires to upgrade or restore.
  • Latest iTunes (11.1) when play the music works bad, with sound drops, when u using browser or other software on behind. Time ago, old iTunes may do playing much better. Maybe they changed internal player code.

And that’s it.

I think there will be Part #2, but it will be on new iOS, recently upgraded.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5S Review [iOS 7.0.3 (11B511)]

  1. Yes, sure. I agree. I don’t want to argue with Apple/iOS for such issues.

    Anyway, there are minor bugs which iOS7 has itself (IMHO).
    I’m not sure if they (bugs) are in official bug tracker, but for me it’s kinda “sign”, that EVEN Apple is buggy 🙂 Only God may be ideal, if he exists :

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