Quick Start with Outlook

In most cases, we have new staff with people who did not worked with Outlook. So objective this: summarize all good practices we have, so that newbie apply it and perform fast ramp up with Project..

You will have dozen of email, so you should have rules aka Filters and specific folder to move filtered emails.

And then you may create and manage your rules for all your emails.

Emails organizations.
My way: I organised to have Inbox empty every day, and all email moved to appropriated folders. It’s because most of emails are important for me !!!

View of emails in outlook.
Be sure, that all emails are grouped, so u will be able easy to find all necessary email correspondence.


Integration with OneNoteIn fact all emails u may insert in MS One Note, so that you may fast “write down” all your thoughts, tasks, actions.

Integration with TeamViewer and fast Meeting setup.
You should have TeamViewer installed, so that you will be able to hit this magic button: And to receive predefined email with meeting details, and send it to your team.

Book some Meeting Room for meeting:
Select Calendar  
Then select exact room from list. The same can be with your team mate – u may add his calendar in the same way.

Recall Sent Email
Go to your Sent emails, double click to open email, and navigate to Actions:

Then decide about this:

After OK you may proceed with Re-Sending email:

After clicking on “Resend This Message” you will be able to edit and send email.

IM stuff: calls, sharing, chats, files transferring.
As you may already seen, there is Call button, so you may call with mate, and there is Share button:

so that you share your desktop. As well you may create a chat. Not yet tested: how Communicator stores history, and if AFAIK group call is not possible. Need to test.
Btw, when connection starts, u have ability to share control with person and other participants.

By default work time is set from 8AM. Here is resource how to change it. In short way it’s Files \ Options \ Calendar \ Work time. As result here is how my work day looks when work hours start from 10AM.

Many time zones setup.
When u work with many clients, u have to have their time zone markers. Using Outlook settings it’s very easy. Click Right Mouse button on free place on time vertical bar:
Then u will have “Outlook Options” windows with “Calendar” tab.
And UN-CHECK “Show a second time zone” and provide specific titles for your dedicated time zones.
As result u will have ability to see your calendar in many time zones:
Here u may find more detailed description of this setting.

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