Accelerate U with BB

These days (Oct14 – Oct25) BrainBench have done good stuff – They opened all test for free, and it was like a game who’s country will take the most talented people. Here is snapshot on Oct-24:

In fact, I have passed a few tests, they are not ideal though. But it’s not the point.
Good that BB has such approach. As u may already know their certificates are valid during 3 years, so every 3 years I think it does make sense to double check how good u r in that or this area.

Here is some feedback from me regarding WEB-UI tests.

JavaScript 1.5
Lots of questions related to Netscape 6.1. It’s so old browser, and to be honest, I don’t know what to answer related to it. For example I didn’t hear about LiveConnect technology till now πŸ™‚ The oldest browser I have deal with IE5. But at that time there was already FireFox and Opera. Lots of RegExp questions.

JavaScript 1.8
Nice test, lots of good questions, really latest and according modern techniques.

Regarding JS in overall, there was one tricky or mistaken question – about String static methods and I think it was a mistake.

According String object, ALL mentioned methods ARE static πŸ™‚ except italics(). So I think question was planned to be “What method ARE NOT static” πŸ™‚ And in case if you have instance of String function/class:

there is no italics(). It’s accessible only for String instance.

Another similar question, but related to Date – “what method is static for Date object?”

And as u see from Date obj we have parse() only, so the answer is obvious πŸ™‚

Rest from list of items by BB – are accessible for instance only. So this question was ok.
Despite frames are not supported by HTML5 I think it’s ok to ask such questions here. frameset bye bye πŸ™‚

Despite that one question was related to FRAME, in fact about target=”_top” test is nice. Especially like that question about Web Worker πŸ™‚ Huge improvement in #JS area I think.

Are really fine, in most cases questions related to css or html a bit and less of that JavaScript.
Nevertheless, there was question in CSS2 test about property from CSS3, which isn’t supported by browsers yet πŸ™‚

Was fine, lots of questions related to transition, rotate, transforms, etc.

This is the test I was not expected to be so. Lots of questions NOT related to AJAX at all. Looks like creators decided to build questions, just to pass/deliver their task, and they didn’t care about exact area they were working on.

Here is a few screens of such questions.

As outcome – Better to pass test/exam then not, or wait for better time πŸ™‚
So that u realize how far u are from Ideal, and during this process u may find other gaps u didn’t expected to find.


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