Bada 2.0 Upgrade Overview [ Wave II ]

First of all, why I bought Wave II.
Time ago, when Android’s just started their life, there was not well known Bada devices. I decided to get this, because I didn’t want to be like all and try something new. And it was right decision, Wave II under Bada 1.0 was not so bad for me. There were some issues, but I did not mention them or did not stress point on them.

Now, when I upgraded to Bada 2.0 I realized there are more bugs than previously, and now I decided to share them with you. I believe that maybe future Bada release or Tizen may help me to get rid below issues, but still I want to share my thoughts about Software Development and Design.

So, let’ go.

1. Swipe Effect.
I remember Bada 1, when it was so easy to swipe, and now on Bada 2.0 it’s horrible. In 50% cases I need to swipe twice or event 3 times. I don’t know if this is sensibility of touch screen, or screen drivers, or maybe CPU loads in standby some his stuff, and when i swipe it can’t react so fast I expected.

2. Unlock btn.
When I clicked unlock button on right phone side Bada 1.0 was immediately reacting on my click. Bada 2.0 in 20% of clicks think to long and sometimes doesn’t react at all.
Bada 1.0 by default has ability to unlock by clicking on Switch Off btn on screen. Now, Bada 2.0 doesn’t have such a good feature.

3. Connect to PC.

It’s huge pain – so many steps just to connect phone as USB device.

And only then I may connect my USB cable to PC. WTF ?

4. Battery.

The only one good in this item – Battery percentage. AFAIK, in Bada 1 it was not implemented. And I was positively impressed by this feature here in 2.0. Very useful.

But for God sake, my battery life is shorter now !!! Time ago, I was able “to be on” during whole week, and now till Fri only.

As you may see from screen I put Brightness to minimum (as I always do), and play music only to headphone, and does the same level connect to Internet via Wi-Fi as it was before. So I’m very disappointed with this changes to battery life.

5. Icons and Touch.
This time icons touch-feedback is far from ideal. SO LONG. Especially when I need as fast as it can be 🙂
Not sure there was such a feature on Bada 1.0 but now I have ability to group my icons into folders. Nice and useful.

6. Memo. Everything was fine, but after upgrade, my Memo items are storing by undefined criteria. I used to create new Memo and to have it stuck to top, when I updated memo, the same – to top. Now All new items are at the bottom of list. Weird.
there was “Maximize” feature. Now it’s dropped. Disappointed.

7. Alerts/ Notifications.

I was surprised when I have read an email and notification msg was still in Notification bar. As for me system should check if there is sense to show that msg or not. In my case I should have cleared manually that alert.

I have read the email, and alert should be shown, but for some reason I saw this alert, and was frustrated. For what reason I should reopen my app? It’s only one app – don’t U have enough memory to handle such small request? WTF?

8. Conference call.

The good feature I have found is conference call – “Add to call”. But again, it may be used only when U started one call already. Ok, let it be. Accounts search only by typing phone on keypad – no Contact pickup from Contact book. Not convenient.
I would expect the call to have option – “Create Conference call by picking/selecting check-boxes on contact list”

9. Samsung Apps.
I more than sure, u know about issue with User authentication on Bada 1.0. Only upgrade to Bada 2.0 and working Samsung Kies fixed that odd issue. Now I can access to Samsung Apps with no issues.
10. Calc.

U know there was an issue on Bada 1.0 which was irritating me much. Calc keypad has low feedback/touchback. So as result I couldn’t type numbers so fast as I used to tap on iPod. But fortunately now on Bada 2.0 calc keypad is far faster than previous.

11. Calendar Click feedback/touchback
In both Bada 1.0 and 2.0 when I tap on day and tap next day, or drawing some circle or spiral, I can’t to finish this properly – some day items is being picked up.
I’m about that behavior which iPod/iPhone has. When your clicks are so fast as screen rendering of selected day item.
Here I can see some delay between time I clicked and time I see that selected day.
12. Image Gallery.
U know… it was real disaster when on Bada 1.0 images were not sorted as I used to have. Now on Bada 2.0 there is much better interface with image preview and fast thumbnails load. Auto-play is ok, but would be great to have ability to customize zoom level.
13. World clock is long to load. 


I realize that’s map. But it looks like it’s cached version – no EDGE, no Wi-Fi – why so long to load pre-saved time/image record?

14. Yandex stuff is included in Bada 2.0 bundle. WTF? Why Not Google or Bing?
15. Almost all widgets are based on Internet connection or EDGE so I don’t use them. I would like some good gadgets locally on my Phone.
16. Menu and Home work spaces
Ok to have both them separately, but sometimes especially when you are in a hurry – miss-taping and need to change back.
17. Music Player was crashed  Telling me that there is no memory to work with. And it was false. There was kinda bug with memory leak or something like this.
18. Voice cmd. is ok, looks like Siri clone on iPhone 🙂
19. sms window is too small.

Time ago, there was a lot of space to write msg. Now it’s lack

20. Files
By default in Bada 1.0 files was selected all, and now from Card. Old behavior was very useful.

21. Sound Profiles
Sound settings get rid of Increasing melody. It was so useful for me.

22. Sounds as Files.
Sound file can’t be picked up to be set as ringtone from files. Time ago I could do this with no problem.
To rename/delete sound need to swipe. Old way used long holding touch and pop up. Was usful.

I cant attach text of contact to sms. Time ago I could do this. Disappointed.

24. Contacts. “Copy to SIM” and “Copy to Phone” these awesome buttons just disappeared. What a heck? I used to use them. it was very useful. Yeah -having contacts in 2 locations – is odd for me – but still we have what we have. but For God sake, why on Contact Edit don’t show small button or link like “Copy to Phone” ? There are global settings and there is ability to import/export contacts, but why so hard and complicated? IMHO – having small button “Copy to Phone” would affect extra positive role on UX on Bada.

But I’m not sure – why my Bada 2.0 Voice cmd needs Internet? I guess for compare. I think main heart of Voice comparison is remote engine, remote API. As for me such API should be injected into phone.
I’m keep trying to analyse my Bada 2.0. I don’t have overclock or jail in somehow. As for me is enough to upgrade firmware via Samsung Kies.
Most probably I will change my cell in future for iPhone on iOS7. There is lots of buzz about comparison cell phones. But for this moment I’m ok with Bada 2.0 on my Wave II. Hope for some future upgrades or change OS on Wave II like Tizen.

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