New Incomes for My Head

It was a time, when I didn’t know a lot of stuff from Software Development. But almost 5 years ago, I started work as PHP developer on @Softjourn company. And day by day I had a chance to improve myself in IT sphere. This year I’ve started work as JAVA-developer, and it was big chalangeble  java-related-year for me.

Considering new incomes for my JAVA oriented head, not exception is recent event itBooze Meetup #3 organized by local (Ivano-Frankivsk) group @IT_Booze and personally by @grishaster  and @halyph who are from @SoftServe IT company.

This meetup was dedicated to “code quality tools” …


So, first of all, as I always say to myself – “Any other experience can be useful for me me later”, on this meetup, I had a chance to listen about other area of IT, like Pex, Groovy, Ruby, etc. And it was great. Why? Because, now I have new ideas how to improve myself and what the best practices has IT community, and I can use it for my Projects.
For example, I want to use 100% code coverage in Java like it is with using Pex. Hope for Java must be the same tools. I want to find find smart tools which will help me develop good code.

New for me is discovering of Sonar server, from Lena (@LenaDSS) speech in scope of Flex. Hope I will have a time to use it on/with Java projects.

Yes, I already use PMD and FindBugs, and they are awesome. New for me was CodePro Analytix which I will try to use on my current java project.

As well as java based, new for me was CodeNarc which works better i think with Groovy projects. And as @grishaster assured all of us, it can be used with Java project. This i want to to try in nearest future.

All of that stuff, I will try to use with My Eclipse IDE as well as stand alone, and hope it will increase quality of my code.

Thanks to all reporters for his work. Good Job 🙂

PS1. There was mentioned a lot of Tools by @halyph and other in their presentations, and hope all resources will be posted soon on official site of ItBooze.Com.Ua or in Other social networks (VK, FB).

PS2. Regarding next meetups, would be great to hear some kind of news about:

  • ESB frameworks experiense (GlasfishESB, JBossESB, Oracle ESB, other X-ESB ) and maybe work with XSD-to-JAVA generation with JAXB or another stuff.
  • Or other possible way how to develop interesting projects almost without coding, using UML, XSD/JAVA mapping or other not known for me ways.
  • Another topic to discuss would be great to see a battle of Spring/Struts/JSF and other related frameworks. Cause there are a lot of them, and as for me – I want to choose the best one, and use for future (Currently I am using Spring, but still want to be informed about other competitors)
  • I know there a lot of Java-based frameworks which can generate as final result javascript. AFAIK it is GWT and similar. Recently, I was involved in java-javascript-spring-struts-ejb-hibernate project and there was a huge weakness – simple javascript coding, and I hated this so much. So would be great to hear about Java community experience in development Good Javascript functionality, which will follow MVC and can be very salable in future. Would be great to hear some comparison about existed Javascript-mvc-based frameworks like ExtJS or similar. Or something in this area.
  • One more as for me (because I am Zero in Groovy/Ruby) to hear about some projects which was migrated from Java to Groovy or another migrated projects. Actually I want to figure out on real projects all benefits of these “X-y” languages.
  • ‘Which is the best build tool?’ Maven vs Ant vs Gradle – not only comparison table, but how migration was and what exact benefits all of them can give for developers and for entire product in scope of scalability and usability.

PS3. Another resources about Code Quality from Web

WTF Code :

Code Quality! Building code you won’t curse tomorrow :

A high quality product will lead to stronger customer and developer binding.

No substitute for understanding :

Here’s how I conceptualize it. A software development novice — a manager perhaps — hears about “code quality” and that “design” is used to produce it. Design costs money and code quality helps developers write features faster.

Code Quality Assurance
Law of Code Quality: Consistency

Code Quality (another presentation from Web)

Code Quality in the Software Development :

This Ideal DLC We are Looking Forward 🙂


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