Android development with Netbeans

“When Google released the Android open mobile platform, they have made an Eclipse plugin to be able to develop Android software using the Eclipse IDE. If you’re a Netbeans user, don’t worry because you can use Netbeans for creating Android applications also. Several guys created a Netbeans plugin that makes it possible to do Android software development under Netbeans.”


How the Servlet Container Invokes Filters

Text and Image flow:


“Figure 3-1 shows how the servlet container invokes filters. On the left is a scenario in which no filters are configured for the servlet being called. On the right, several filters (1, 2, …, N) have been configured in a chain to be invoked by the container before the servlet is called and after it has responded. The web.xml file specifies which servlets cause the container to invoke the filters.”
Servlet Filters and Event Listeners (переглянути на Google Sidewiki)


web.xml Deployment Descriptor Elements


“The following sections describe the deployment descriptor elements defined in the web.xml file under the root element : context-param description display-name distributable ejb-ref ejb-local-ref env-entry error-page filter filter-mapping icon listener login-config mime-mapping resource-env-ref resource-ref security-constraint security-role servlet servlet-mapping session-config taglib welcome-file-list”
web.xml Deployment Descriptor Elements (переглянути на Google Sidewiki)

Applied Regular Expressions: Validating Email

Additional info about Email validation


“For the purposes of this discussion, and the one that you will find in the email sample, a valid email address is composed of the following: A word composed of valid characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and the special characters “.”, “%”, “+”, and “-“) An “@” symbol A collection of valid characters for a domain name (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and the special characters “.” and “-“) A period “.” Two to four alphabetic characters”
InformIT: Java Reference Guide > Applied Regular Expressions: Validating Email (переглянути на Google Sidewiki)