LTPJ – most used Java Web Environment

Confused???? LTPJ ????

Remember LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) and other….
So LTPJ is Linux Tomcat PostgreSQL Java (c) landike 🙂

How to create Java-based Web-Site with:
Scheduler: Quartz 1.6.4 (and possible problems with timer stuff)
Hibernate 3.2
Spring 2.5 (Framework, WebMVC, Security, Web Service)
JAXB 1.1 as XML parser
XSD as Schema Definition way
WSDL  as main Web Serfice format

And this all on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 (RHEL 5.4)

Want to summurixe my expiriene in development of Java-based WEB-applications.

Here will be:
– how to work with remote server via ssh from local machine with Ubuntu OS
– how to work with RHEL Linux OS based server
– how to install/setup JDK 1.6 on RHEL 5.4
– how to install/setup Tomcat web server on RHEL 5.4
– how to install/setup PostgreSQL database server on RHEL 5.4
– how to configure this all stuff to make work properly
– how to deploy/undeploy/stop/start Jaba based application

and another maybe will be:
– How to developb Java-based Web application in Netbeans 6.1.
– How to develop Spring application
– How to develop Spring Web Service application
– How to work with JAXB XML parser
– How to work with XML/XSD/XSI/WSDL system

All this will be soon…. Now I just think how to represent this all in better way.


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