The stupidest way to fix “Locked Notes is blank after unlock on Mac Ventura”

The problem with Apple Mac OS is that sometimes when a new release happens then at least one stupid issue exists and you search over the Internet for reasonable solutions, but mostly find Apple Support suggesting silly or non-helpful things. I h@te that.

It’s not the first time I have MacOS issues in “stuck” mode. Time ago my iTunes music was “stuck” between iPod, iPhone and MacBook. I couldn’t fix it via proper syncing but instead had to manually transfer/upload files via Wi-Fi, which was an extremely stupid but helpful way.

Then I had Mac OS Notes “stuck” with iCloud syncing for a few weeks. That was the first time I faced a non-intuitive “Delete from iPhone” setting which caused me to stumble upon whether to delete also from iCloud or not (coz it live sync).

And here I am, 2023, Mac OS Ventura. This new version goes with support of two ***ing passwords for Locked notes (login password and note password). I REALLY LOVED this Locked Notes feature BEFORE, when it was only ONE password. As developer I realize what security is and what consequences it could be if it’s broken, But c’mon – this NOT ONLY stupid approach but also BAD implementation (say as a consumer).

PROBLEM WAS: ALL MY LOCKED NOTES WENT into Recently Deleted, and I could NOT UNLOCK or VIEW them AT ALL.

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2 things I don’t like in Web Development the most

This is a short article, but with a lot of history behind it, and a lot of emotions I had in my past being a Web Software Developer and also a consumer of different web pages, platforms, sites, etc.

  1. Since I remember myself in web development, 2007-2008 I always hated hover event 🙂 Yes, that is such an irritating feature of the web, that I can’t express my feelings in text more than “hate” word. Especially when it’s used wrong or too much.
  2. When people, developers, product owners, designers, whomever else change usage of hover event back and forth, and do not consider User Experience, user feeling, user “love” to what already is on application.

I really like as a web platform to listen to electronic music, and I also have a paid account to avoid ads. And I remember that Web developers had a few design changes in the past. I significantly remember when they have a change in the development team or in the UX/Design team. Because in MOST cases website is very handy and useful for me. Plus mobile app also great.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT UX designer or any kind of such specialist, I am just UI Developer, who likes great websites, and knows something about UX best practices and Usability paradigms.

But, let’s dive into details over example tracing design state and change of

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How to install devDependencies in NODE_ENV=production?

Recently, I’ve faced with interesting research task at work related to AzureDevOps as a CI platform and NodeJS/npm as targeted resource. Our pipeline yaml file was configured to run npm command with deprecated flag – npm ci --dev and as turned out for npm@<7 it’s suggested to use --also=dev and for npm@>7 is suggested to use --include=dev. But when I tried different variants, to be sure if it works at all or not I saw no difference.

I always knew that npm ci designed to run specifically on CI (at least due to the fact that node_modules is being deleted and package-lock.json file recreated). But I didn’t know how environmental variable NODE_ENV value (either not set, development or production) actually influences work of npm. Reading npm documentation, Stackoverflow questions and answers it’s not always clear how it works. Yes, I know, that npm ci under the hood is actually npm install (alias npm i), but still both commands give us different behavior.

By default I always use npm ci (as it’s suggested to run on CI) on my CI instances (Jenkins, CircleCI, Heroku) so it always installed devDependencies for me and I never intended to include or omit. Work use case got me thinking more, so I decided to research very detailed.

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Why do people leave jobs?

First thought on this topic I got after a job change in 2015 in Ukraine. Initial idea of the article was “born” in my mind around 2017, when I left my first job in Poland. And since then, I’ve been drafting this article. Recently, I’ve been scrolling through LinkedIn and I’ve got a great picture, which depicts exactly the opposite of what I tend to describe in this article. So that was a sign that an article about my thoughts “why people may leave their jobs” can now be finalized.

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Considering my experience since 2007 year, and observing how fast developer (or any software development related person) delivers expected work, I made up such classification, which helps me to put people in some branches. But it doesn’t help me to solve problem – how to work in teams, when there are different need for speed.

DISCLAIMER: This post is less technical as my other work-related articles on this blog, but from the other hand, it reflects my knowledge, my feelings as Software Engineer and my thoughts towards soft skills, considering I have been trained, I’ve been told we should be better, I’ve faced many opinions in this area, and I’ve seen many situations.

In below groups, I am using 2 terms:

  1. “speed  up” with meaning of getting more responsibility and ownership of work, being proactive and improve both product code and product team development cycle, extend edges of possible by new findings.
  2. “slow down” with meaning of being lazy and doing work as fast as mood says, being late at the beginning of work day and being fast at the end of the day, being at some kind “delayed” in time.

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Managers in IT – Developer’s pov

It’s about what I really think managers are in fact, about how I see they work and should work. I work in software engineering (web development) since 2007, and this is one of my articles dedicated to my 10+ years of experience.

During 2007 till 2018 I have been working for 4 companies. Due to sensitivity of topics I express below, and considering potential harm to people I’ve been working with, I will not expose names. But I want to mention, that 2 companies were in Ukraine and 2 in Poland. And despite the fact it might sound different, but people were mostly behaving the same.

I also have to mention, that I express thoughts about managers as a web/frontend developer being employed in outsourcing companies. And it “might be” or “might be not” the same in other industries. So if it’s somehow not true, or insults someone, please let me know.

I started the draft for the article in nearly ~2011, and since then I wasn’t enough confident, that I’m ready to publish it. Every year gave me some new experience, some new thoughts, and I appended my draft with the content all the time. And finally now, in 2018, I write up this as full article.

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I’m programmer. Do I have Asperger’s Syndrome?

I have polish-language book about IT people (“Informatycy“, by Katarzyna Łubieńska and Jacek Woźniak), and there is mentioned Asperger’s Syndrome. In fact it’s being analyzed if IT person, programmer, geek, nerd is a person with this Asperger syndrome or if all autistic people are most likely capable and like to deal only with technologies? I’m software engineer, programmer, web developer, and I like problem solving – this is one of such interesting situation, when I have something on my mind as knowledge and want to research more (as I’m writing this article, I’m doing research also).

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